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  • Authority employed in health service for generating clinical engineering, formulate an overall assistance-oriented program and develop health management with low cost of Bangladesh like other developing countries through communicating and coordinating with the producers/ manufacturers of international and multinational organizations/ industrialists of health equipment in the management of health so that the people of lower-income and middle income can have health service at a cheaper cost.
  • Publicity of modern health technology through this organization, internal communication among the professionals employed in the health service and exchange of health technology, encouragement of developing the use of technology, etc.
  • Discussing with the national and international organizations regarding the conference, forum, symposium, workshop, seminar, etc. in the matter of clinical engineering, technology in health service and implement them. Developing and amplifying activities by communicating and coordinating with the interested person and organization. Formulate a policy regarding this matter.
  • Maintaining a link with the hospitals, universities /institutes formulate training /academic curriculum aiming to create workforce on skill and proper healthcare technology management.
  • To take program of coordinating ultramodern technology and skill in determining proper disease.


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Welcome Notice of CEAB

"Clinical Engineering Association-Bangladesh" has been established and its activities have been increased over the years. Most of the potential members have opined that the activity of this organization was necessary and improvement system is a continuous. Today, more than 80 members are listed in this organization. This organization has become capable to build an awareness of health technology management (HTM) personnel such as medical professional, bio-medical engineer, electro-medical engineer, conventional electro-medical engineer, critical care nurse and medical technologist. We hope that, this organization will bring an excellent patient outcomes related to the medical devises by applying clinical engineering (CE-HTM) practice.

With the warmest regards
Dr. Engr. Md. Anwar Hossain
Founder General Secretary

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