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1.General Meeting of CEAB10th May, 2021

With due respect, we would like to inform you that the CEAB executive committee has uploaded your photo and particulars. Meanwhile, committee  has sent the format for
registration. It is seen that many of us are yet not being submitted the prescribed format as well as membership form. As a result the activities of CEAB are being hampered radically. Since, CEAB is globally collaborated with IFMBE-CED and hence it was necessary to take appropriate action for enhancing the performance of the CEAB in globally. Considering the facts you are highly requested to submit the prescribed membership form as well as membership fee according to rules of CEAB. We have conducted a couple of meetings through zoom platform. But, many of us could not attend the meetings which have been found as undesired events. We have many works to boost up the health technology management system in lower middle income countries like Bangladesh. While associations like CEAB of different lower middle income countries are going to be improved then we are routing our activities without rader that is known as CEAB. The honorary general secretary IEB Bangladesh has been added as a collaborated member of IFMBE-CED and already he provides many essential inputs to CEAB. According to the aforementioned statements, it will be appreciable if you kindly take necessary steps to run the activity of CEAB smoothly as soon as possible. Your kind and best cooperation was very much necessary for addressing the COVID 19 pandemic by applying bio-medical clinical engineering methodologies. Be Safe and Please send your pulse with a good sound. For any information please do not forget to click the following links:
1. Web link: www.ceab.org.bd
2. FB link: www.facebook.com/ceab.bd/
3. YouTube link: www.youtube.com/channel/UCeEilvfEmTKMFPbrR5EKMGQ

With the warmest regards
General Secretary of CEAB


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Welcome Notice of CEAB

"Clinical Engineering Association-Bangladesh" has been established and its activities have been increased over the years. Most of the potential members have opined that the activity of this organization was necessary and improvement system is a continuous. Today, more than 80 members are listed in this organization. This organization has become capable to build an awareness of health technology management (HTM) personnel such as medical professional, bio-medical engineer, electro-medical engineer, conventional electro-medical engineer, critical care nurse and medical technologist. We hope that, this organization will bring an excellent patient outcomes related to the medical devises by applying clinical engineering (CE-HTM) practice.

With the warmest regards
Dr. Engr. Md. Anwar Hossain
Founder General Secretary

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